Hello John,

thank you for your quick reaction🙏

As i wrote, i updated the Ci Pad to Android 11. So my BT settings are deleted.

I only use Carpe ADV Controler and the M1 OBD Scanner ( all OEM Instruments are dismantled )

From the day I received the Ci Pad and the ADV Controler from Thork Racing last January all works fine.

So now after the Update  to A11 the 2 BT devices had to be paired again …

The ADV Controler first, paired and then shown in the BT List as connected.

Second the M1 OBD Scanner … paired , shown in the BT List for 1 second as connected , than he falls down in „Formaly“  connected.

Of course I had also chosen the M1 in DMD Settings before. No BT Connection with DMD was possible.

So after a sleepless Night the only thing i changed is : I switched DMD from „Start App“ to Standard.

And what should i say … all works properly … The work around now : I start the CiPad, I start manualy the DMD App, I switch on Ignition > both BT Devices connect themselves in a very qiuck time.

I think my bike and I are prepaired for Season 2024 … 🙏

John, perhaps you find the Time to give us the wheel sensor function also back 😂😇

Many greetings