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    Hello together,

    first real test with mounted CI Tab ( A 11 update ) at my Bike … Spring is at the corner 😎

    For the new season i bought the M1 Bluetooth Scanner . Iam able to connect the M1  in BT settings.

    But after a few seconds he disconnects automatically.

    Adv Controller works fine … also when i use the M1 with my Workshop Program TuneEcu , everything is fine.

    In DMD Settings the M1 Scanner is selected.

    Is here anybody with a Solution ? 🙏

    Many greetings



    João Pereira


    The thing here is, what do you mean with “Disconnects”.

    Disconnects as in the app using it stops updating the sensor data?

    OBD dongles do not keep a “connection” like most bluetooth devices, they will not show as “connected” in the Bluetooth devices list.
    Basically after pairing them what makes the connection is the app, for example, after pairing and selecting the dongle in DMD2 there will be a bluetooth socket open with it, its DMD2 app that opens the socket connection and keeps it running to get data. This socket can be interrupted if you have other apps or devices using the dongle. The dongle will provide data to the last socket connection open with it.

    So my question is, exactly what do you mean it “disconnects automatically” ?

    DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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    Hello John,

    thank you for your quick reaction🙏

    As i wrote, i updated the Ci Pad to Android 11. So my BT settings are deleted.

    I only use Carpe ADV Controler and the M1 OBD Scanner ( all OEM Instruments are dismantled )

    From the day I received the Ci Pad and the ADV Controler from Thork Racing last January all works fine.

    So now after the Update  to A11 the 2 BT devices had to be paired again …

    The ADV Controler first, paired and then shown in the BT List as connected.

    Second the M1 OBD Scanner … paired , shown in the BT List for 1 second as connected , than he falls down in „Formaly“  connected.

    Of course I had also chosen the M1 in DMD Settings before. No BT Connection with DMD was possible.

    So after a sleepless Night the only thing i changed is : I switched DMD from „Start App“ to Standard.

    And what should i say … all works properly … The work around now : I start the CiPad, I start manualy the DMD App, I switch on Ignition > both BT Devices connect themselves in a very qiuck time.

    I think my bike and I are prepaired for Season 2024 … 🙏

    John, perhaps you find the Time to give us the wheel sensor function also back 😂😇

    Many greetings

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