when you share a location from google app and the app switch between themes (tunel or whatever) the navigate modal open every time. can you add an option to delete latest search addresses, option to clear them all and one by one? v 3.00030

Let me see if i get this right, i share a location from Google Maps to DMD2, then i switch theme (from dark to light for example) the Navigation Dialog shows up like you have just shared a location from Google Maps to DMD2 again?

DMD2 – 3.00031:
– New ultra sexy indicator for “away from track” which draws a line from your position to the closest track point
– Map theme changes to show roads names on some tracks/paths -> Topo only, dark style pending revision
– Compass widget with new colour “N”
– Initial WonderLINQ Motorcycle data API implementation: OBD View Settings options -> Includes RPM, Voltage, Engine Temp, Throttle Body Position, Speed, Fuel Level, more sensors coming soon like Gear and TPMS

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