Hi John,

just a short partial answer, first readings done still in 3.00021, not todays 22:

– Device: SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, 12 GB RAM, Android 13, OneUI 5.1

– Free memory reporting in the DMD2 status bar is typically 60-80 %/512 MB

– Today moring I surprisingly had first time the reporting 0%/512 MB. When a long trip was calculated then, I got a very long error message “java.long.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 72 byte allocation with 4968736 free bytes and 4852KB until OOM, target footprint 536870912, growth limit 536870912; giving up an allocation because <1% of heap free after GC.” That never happened bevor or after. I was very surprised since I do not run any memory intensive applications in the backround, at least I am not aware of it. The biggest memory usage I ever got reported by OneUI was < 8 GB from the 12 GB installed RAM

– Average location precision is typically 4-6 m, in rare cases 8 m

I’ll do some more testing in version 3.00022 (just installed) and let you know, but it may need some time.