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After more refined tests during a trip on a German Autobahn, some additional findings: 1) Unfortunately, also with profile “street fun” the error message “null description for : n_10000525_52602937” may appear: This was the case if, during driving on the Autobahn, DMD2 3.00020 does a recalculation of a longer route to a distant target. I initially startet the trip routing when parking may be 500 m off the Autobahn on a fuel station: From there, using “street fast” didn’t work (distance approx. 185 km), but “street fun” did. When driving the Autobahn even though, the error message starts after some recalculations (in mode street fun) 2) During the automatic recalculations in mode “street fun”, I recognized that DMD often does not guide you away from your current location on the Autobahn, but just picks starting points on other streets that are just close to the Autobahn, but not connected to it. That of course is not very useful unless you prefer to drive over the motorway embankment… 😉 3) When I came closer to the target (during driving on the Autobahn), suddenly “street fast” started to work correct while “street fun” did not (I think that was around 90 km remaining to the target or so). John, if you can simulate the trip with the different settings anyhow, use these points (all in Germany): Starting point: MAXI Autohof Rhüden, Am Zainer Berg 2, 38723 Seesen Target Village: 28879 Grasberg The setting “street fast” should guide you via the Autobahn A7 and A27, distance is around 185 km. Hope it helps to debug. I guess the problem must really somehow be linked to using motorways (which usually “street fun” does not use). By the way: I always allowed “Maut” and “Autobahnen”, so no prevention settings active.

I dont think its productive to test calculations on Highways, both the Street Fun and Off-Road profiles will try to avoid the Highways like the devil avoids the cross. They were designed that way.

What should correctly use highways (and as always worked fine for me) is the Road Fast, this is the only profile which will use highways.

You can do simulations here: https://www.drivemodedashboard.com/router/ -> this uses the same routing engine and the same profiles as DMD2 app.
You can even then copy the link and reply here the full link so i can check the full route.

While riding can you tell me what is your average Location Precision? On the top status bar it is displayed in meters.
Also how much free memory do you have during these operations? There is an indication of free memory percentage in the status bar, plus tell me which device you are using please.

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