Hi John,

thanks a lot for allowing GPX recording with screen off again! It seems that 3.00018 which I installed a minute ago still does not offer to set location service to always. Please let us know when it will be available. When available, I’ll report here how long and how stable GPX recording runs with my devices with screen off, may be useful for other Samsung phone users.

I tested 3.00017 today and it really ran much more stable during GPX recoding: Independently which other app I used, the location service kept running and the GPX file recording was continuous, also it seemed indepently from screen orientation settings (but my test was not fully systematic, just some exemplary settings). Two exceptions: When the screen switched off during a phone call, the GPX recorder stopped recording. The same happened when I intentionally switched off the screen during driving & recording (but I think in 3.00017 this is still according to spec). What happened again (I think after the phone call) was that the enter button of the Carpe CI controller lost part of its functionality, but after leaving DMD2 and restarting it worked fine again.

And surprisingly in 3.00017 the automatic tilting mode for orientation in driving direction was broken: Although the alignment was in the direction of travel, there was no tilting.

And it seemes you did some changes when repeatingly hitting enter of the controller in map view. North above orientation without centering was lost, with the controller you could just switch between north above centered and orientation in driving direction (but north above without centering still works when pressing the icon on the screen). And with routing and/or GPX file “playback” a new view with the total trip appeared (very nice!).

A final wish from my side: If you drop a new release in the play store, could you add a short list of all changes/new functions/fixes you did? Helps a lot during testing and identifying, what is may be just a bug and what is intended functionality!

And thanks for the new odometer in 3.00018!!! Just configured it (I wouldn’t have noticed it if you didn’t write it in the release notes!).