João Pereira

I am old and forgetful. That’s why I really liked the automatic start of a new route recording every day. I have already forgotten several times. A configuration for an automatic start would be very nice. Otherwise, I updated my Carpe Iter Pad to Android 11 yesterday. The upgrade went almost without a hitch.

Ah yes this is FOR SURE returning soon.

Quick workaround proposal : to base light/dark theme on sunrise/sunset data instead on the light sensor? Or in addition to the light sensor, as another option. Not good for tunnels, but good enough for everything else! Including annoying app reset in tunnels (it will just stay in light theme, no big deal. But still at night it will go to dark one).

I do not think that solves the issue, because when i enter a dark place like a tunned i do want the app to do dark and when i exit i do want it to go light.
The issue is the reload of the whole app. So the way i see this we will have to stop using the Android theme system (which sucks like every other Android API) and create our own where we reload UI components with new theme without a full app reload.
This is going to be A LOT OF WORK!!! But i think it needs to be done.


DMD v3.00017:
App load time improvements
Map load speed improved
Fixed a case of “No Fix” on some devices when rotation lock is set
Fixed case where some widgets would not show the “+” when loaded in center top home position
Minor topo map improvements with zoom level for “barrier” type icons
Other small improvements (as always)

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