Hi John,

seems you found the root cause since I used DMD2 with lock rotation to landscape (tablet reversed) and I also had problems with the location service. Did you already change something else in 3.00016 (may be it was still on 3.00015)? I did a test on the Galaxy Note 20 with starting several apps during DMD2 was recording in the background with screen on and fortunately the app continued recording, no strait lines in the GPX recording file or crashes like in previous releases (but it may be that these have been apps that supported landscape mode or I had automatic rotation enabled in the phone settings, unlike in previous tests with the phone app, even though the phone is mounted in landscape orientation).

I also did a first (not complete) test with the Blackview BV 9800 Pro (Android 9) and there I could not find similar problems like with the Samsung, but I will continue again when you release 3.00017. Might still need some time.

However, do you have any solution for the problem with the GPXfile recording stop when the phone app switches the screen off (even if this is intended behaviour)? It already happened to me hat I lost a long part of a GPX recording since I had a longer call during the trip. Is there any Samsung setting that suppresses this? As mentioned, setting the screen timeout to 10 minutes did not help. GPX file recording should never stop until I pause or switch the recording off manually!

And I hope it’s not too annoying if I make this request again: Isn’t there a way to optimise DMD2 so that GPX recordings continue to run even if the screen is switched off (it works great in DMD1, so why not in DMD2)? May be the GPX file recording can become a separate process with allowing setting the location service to always? The connection of the GPX recording on/off with screen on/off is a severe limitation at east for my typical usage behavior, and if friends ask me what I think about the program I have to say that this really is a limiting issue. Of course there are the workarounds with using other apps (like DMD1), but that’s not very comfortable.

Best (and a Merry Christmas)!