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Last release change logs:

DMD v3.00016:
Map View: New Follow Location Modes (configurable in map view settings)
Cache reset on theme color change
Fixed a bug with lock not working on home view
GPX Progress now shows ETA instead of Travel Time
Other small improvements

DMD v3.00015 released:
Map View: Search – Search by name moved to squares, bottom button replaced with new INSERT COORDINATES function
Map View: Topo Themes – improved barrier type icons
Map View: Settings – new settings to hide widget title labels (to increase value text)
Map View: When locked the widgets will use the full available height (including the space for the hide/show widgets)
Map View: Portrait Layout ONLY – Auto POIs now reduced to displaying only 2 – to increase sizes for texts, was too small
Controllers: Remote1 2-Way Switch Zoom is now inverted (its more intuitive)
All: Top Status Bar: Tap on it hides/shows bottom menu
Many UI improvements

DMD2 v3.00014:
Home View: Added button to lock touch / hide bottom menu
Home View: Controller button B or B long press will trigger lock
Map View: Map Topo Theme – Reduced width of Tracks & Paths
Map View: Fixed a bug with OpenGL rendering map wrong on some Android 14 devices
Made some changes for the app defaults when running for the first time on a phone

DMD2 v3.00013:
Changed some app defaults for the first run
Home View: New widget option for the bottom widget: “EMPTY” which hides bottom section and enlarges remaining space
Fixed a bug with some routing voice instructions for some languages
Fixed a case of incorrect date formats
Bottom Menu in focus mode (controller) now correctly uses the selected accent color
Other bug fixes

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