Joao Pereira

Should i create a new thread for DMD2 Production? Or do i rename this Thread for “DMD2 Development” and we keep using this one?

In my opinion, it is better to have everything in one topic, so renaming is more consistent.

Because switch of the color profile restarts the whole app.

And, frankly, this IS the problem. Everyone using light sensor theme switching have this situation regularly: enter the tunnel – app restarts (so, gpx reloads, screen unlocks…), exit the tunnel – app restarts. Then another tunnel, everything again. Very annoying, believe me. Not crucial, true. But annoying, even more true! 🙂

Yeah unfortunately that is not a DMD2 issue, thats just how Android applies app themes, it restarts the whole thing.
The only solution for this is if i make my own Theme manager (which is A LOT OF WORK) but something i think i will do sooner or later.

Events that restart the app: Theme switch – Rotation switch (if not locked) -> both a living nightmare for apps like DMD2

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