Hello John
Can you please tell me why it is so difficult to fix the problem with the mapview. Its still not possible to keep the screen locked. If i lock it by pushing the button it opens up again after 20 seconds. I mentoned this and not me alone on several versions after 3.0. Why is it not possible to fix that.
Still it is not possiböe to make a route calculation out of a track i mentioned this about a month ago same is true for the addition of the tracks in a gpx file its still wrong. I dont mind if you regard these bugs as not on top of the list items, but when there is no feedback on this i dont need to be a beta tester any more. There is no use of testing when there is no feedback. As anybody else mentioned I do not see the progress because there is no change report since 3 updates. I appreciate your work but why did you change your behavior