I should have mentioned I’m using the new DMD-T865 as the tablet hoping to eliminate a separate garmin unit as well as getting rid of the analog speedo and needing my iPhone on dash as well for other stuff

I think a gps odometer for my purposes would be accurate enough. For example, in Jan I am going to Mexico and Central America for two months, and want to track overall mileage (for maintenance) as well as daily trip (for gas consumption).

On the maintenance schedule, prior to the next trip in the summer, I will do a lot of maintenance pre-trip even if early for the convenience of hopefully not needing to do while on the road but want to know where I am at on each trip as miles add up.

For gas consumption, I have a transparent Safari tank so I have a visual on gas level. So, mostly just looking for convenience of two separate trip meters while on long trips but could just not reset trip meter daily and use as a true “trip meter” and mentally track daily miles.

I’ll try and look at the OBD fuel function you mentioned. I was thinking the OBD functions only worked if the T865 could pull one of the formula’s variables from a bike with an ECU like my other bike has. It may be at the end of the day I just need to keep the speedo. I was just hoping to consolidate the garmin, speedo, etc and I do have an iPhone as backup redundancy if the T865 fails on a trip. The DR650 OEM Speedo is just really unnecessary for me other than the odometer as gps speed is good enough and it doesn’t have a tach.

Thanks again

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