I just checked my old apks and the last version which offered the odometer feature you are looking for was DMD2 v 2.77. The total km-counter is already there on the home screen directly after installing, you don’t have to configure it. Unfortunately, this DMD2 version still has the older UI and does not offer any navigation functionality. However, if you would like to have the apk for installation on your android device, just send a link where I can upload the apk to (size is 43.28 MB).

Beside that, I’m not sure if I would throw away the existing odometer and replace it by a pure GPS counter. Acc. to my experience, it is not robust enough and may miss some distance – or add (sometimes hundreds) of invented km due to an inaccurate fix.

Regarding the missing OBD on your DR650: That doesn’t matter regarding the fuel meter. Go to the OBD view in DMD2 and adjust in the settings the fuel meter by entering the average milage you can drive with a full tank. You should be able to use the fuel OBD sensor on the map and home views even though you have no OBD dongle mounted and  even though you have the OBD view disabled. I think just for resetting the fuel meter, you will have to activate the OBD view shortly. Just try. It’s at least a workaround. I use the fuel meter in the same way on my old GS, where the ECU does not report the fuel level via the OBD interface. That works fine.