An Odometer is still available, but you have to configure it:

In the Home view, select the gear wheel in the upper middle. Then select “Trip Statistics” (in the German version at least it’s called “Trip Statistiken”). You can put it in the windows left or right as well as directly above the different DMD view buttons so that you can see it allways (my favorite position).

However, it may be that you want a “pure” odometer in the sense of a second trip counter. That is a good enhancement! I just filed this as an enhancement request:

Feel free to comment positively if this is what you needed.

If you need a second trip counter just for estimating remaining fuel, you may use as workaround the fuel settings of the OBD sensors view. If your ECU does not report the remaining fuel, you may simply enter an average distance you can drive with one fuel charge (under OBD sensors view settings). The remaining range can also be shown in the home or map view, you do not need the OBD sensors view for it.