João Pereira

Beta: 2.99972:
– UI Improvements
– GPX Settings – Reset Button – Now always RED
– Changed default GPX Recording name to include date with year
– Removed the Settings for SD Card storage on devices where it is not possible yet -> was creating confusion and questions
– Map download manager was improved
– Fixed a bug with GPX Progress box size when switching available information
– Light Sensor, yet another attempt at making it work for multiple devices

Beta 2.99971:
– Many changes in the Location Service (Improved first fix, improved listeners registration, fallback to fused location when no real GPS available)
– Improved Light Sensor Logic
– Other UI improvements

Beta 2.99969 – 2.99970 :
– Global Settings now include manual controller model selection
– Increased animations speed and removed dialog slide animation
– GPX Recording – Cleaned UI when recording is not active
– GPX Recording Listing – Delete now shows dialog to confirm
– Map – Layers Manager – Removed the bottom reset button
– Bottom Menu – Fixed case in portrait if entries are less than 4
– Fixed a bug in map GPX progress where it could either crash or stop progress
– Fixed a bug with controllers not work in the map view

DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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