João Pereira

Hi John, a question for you: I am trying to use road navigation but keep getting the error that a friend tells me would have been solved in the last update. It says “Calculation Error Error reading datafile E5_N45.rd5 I’m using the T865 with firmware version 2.99964. I have cleared the cache and restarted, that’s where I run out of IT knowledge 😅 Would you have any tips for this, massive rain here today so no riding in the woods alone,has the be 700 kms of road riding to get home sadly… Cheers!

That is related to a missing map file, delete the map file and download it again.
If the problem continues please let me know which country are your trying to route in.


Beta 2.99965:
– Improved many map pin icon sizes to adapt to screen dpi
– OBD – Voltage from dongle is not using ATRV command
– Altitude values are now displayed using MSL value
– Route calculation profiles improved
– Home Dashboard: Speed widget will now show route calculation instructions if any active navigation is present
– Common dialogs have been improved visually
– Minor button UI changes
– Map – Fixed yet another case where Sat Layer would be displayed over some track lines
– Fixed a crash in Android 14 when DMD2 would go into background/pause states
– Initial partial portrait support (in progress) – OBD View missing and Roadbook incomplete

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