CRF300L Rally 2021 everything works except battery voltage (and the fuel indicator but this is probably not exposed over obd2). I’m using ELM327 V1.5 (Single Board PIC18F25K80). When using Torque on the same tablet it can normally read battery voltage and other sensor info. If someone can help me troubleshoot this it would be great.

There are two ways to read the Battery voltage, from ECU or from dongle, in the new DMD2 Beta in OBDView Settings there is an option called “Get Voltage from Dongle”. Can you tell me which other sensors work in Torque that do not in DMD2?

Finally found some time to troubleshoot missing voltage value using ELM327 adapter on my Honda CRF 300 Rally. I seams that for “Get voltage from the dongle” you are using STVR command which is part of the extended ST command set available only on the new Obdlink adapters. There is original ATRV command which is compatible on both Obdlink and ELM327 adapters. Is there a way that you can add both options in the OBD configuration window?