João Pereira

Samsung Galaxy Active 3 Version 2.99949. Absolutely really nice features has launched. Auto lock when moving: UI lock works Auto unlock when stopped: UI does not unlock when stop moving (after 5 min still locked). The UI lock cannot be opened on the home screen and app can not close (unlock and app close buttons are missing due to UI lock). Current now: Not in charger: Value is -1 mA…0mA (Should be -500…-800mA). Fast charger connected: Value is first 2mA (should be 1500-2000mA) and then decreases to 0…1mA. Motorcycle charger: Value is first 1mA and decreasess to 0mA after few seconds (real value should be 400-600mA). Could the indication values ​​be amps instead of milliamps?

Sorry but not all devices allow for Current Now report. Im absolutely sure my code is the correct code, works perfect on all my devices too, if any device is showing wrong values I can assure you that the manufacturer changed stuff that they should have not changed (usually the case with Samsung).


Beta 2.99950:
– When map is locked (with the touch screen lock settings enabled) other UI elements are hidden too
– Address Search – Will now show history for the last 10 items that you searched and actually clicked for either Navigate or Share
– Map Lock Button – To unlock it now requires long press
– Fixed a bug with Clock Widgets where non 24h mode was not being respected
– Fixed a crash on map widgets long press where it would cause crash when there was no widget loaded
– Auto Map Lock settings (map view settings) now, correctly, wont lock screen when you are not in the map view or in the map view settings screen

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