I noticed than when DMD is in background it doesn’t work properly. Map position is not updated neither trip statistics. I’ve set the battery to no restriction for dmd.

I have another navigation issue that doesn’t look right to me. I’ve set two destination one is an alley near a main street and the other is the main street. The navigation to alley is correct but the navigation to main street doesn’t seems to be. It goes from a totally different road which can’t be faster when you have to go turn so many times. I’ve tried couple of other nav app and all followed the “green line” I paint in the second image. Navigation choice was fast, avoid tolls.

Maybe this is on TODO list, can we have more roads navigation to choose, driving from point A to B you can choose more than one roads, especially for the fun choice?


Something else that I’m not really sure how it works. I’ve set the color them to sensor, but when a road have lights, night driving, it change from dark to white, so seems that the sensor is activated when “see” a light, even when I’m on a tunnel, at night, because of the lights changes to white. This doesn’t feel right, is there anything that can be done there, I mean how other nav works?


main street. To me on this navigation should be following the green line