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Hello John it comes to a minor item. From a distinct amount of enlargement of the map there is a gigantic Hospital Icon.I think it is a good idea to have it always on the map but would better to give a certain coulor to it which is not used anywhere else but to make it that big

In the Map Layers manager you can adjust the map symbols size, that is probably what you are looking for no?

Cannot use external SD card for maps. Samsung Tab Active 2. works on stable version but not the beta.

Google changed access to SD Cards, we are waiting on a permission.

When switching on the DMD2 (Beta Version) I always have a GPS arrow in red “No Fix”. What can I do?

Did you clear the app storage data as instructed on the video (video available on the first page of this topic).

the download of the map of the Alps does not end on the beta version, so it is possible to download it completely and use it on the normal version.

DMD 2.99939 with Carpe Iter Pad older version Map downloads do not work correctly. Smaller ones like Netherlands seem to work, but Alps or Germany North just stop in the middle of the download without any error message shown.

Are you sure you have enough storage space?
We are about to release an update with a new Download Manager which should also fix all the download issues for everyone, at least its fully custom, we have full control of it and will improve it as needed, unlike the piece of shit that is the stock Android download manager.

DMD 2.99939 with Carpe Iter 4b since I‘m using the option to load automatically POI along gpx tracks (only gas stations and camping sites) it comes to major performance problems. DMD2 (navigation site) freezes and/or turns off. After a while it seems to become better but when I enable a other gpx track problems start again, if if there are only 2 tracks enabled. Is that a common issue? Is there something I can do to solve the problem? At least I would like to ask if I‘m wrong or are there some performances problems since the last updates?

I use a carpe iter 4b. When i make 2 tracks with about 800 km together with 4 poi selected it needs about 30 seconds to load. The 2 tracks are a part of a 17 track tour of about 5200 km. I have the following maps activated Germany south, France South Switzerland and Spain. When I leave all tracks visible it needs multiple Minutes but it still loads. I found it important to activate only the maps and tracks I really need.

Yes, the Auto Load POI is a massive intensive task, it is basically going through all your track points and at every 10Km it does a database search on the maps for that section. The more files you have, the longer they are and the more POI types you have the more intensive it is. I will try to improve this further and also cache the results so that the search is done only once.

I use this app for my car, it’s fine. I also used the beta version. I have a few suggestions 1- Before using the beta version, there was odometer. this feature should come back 2- Can more features be added for obd2? such as average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption. 3- Why is there no Turkish language support? should be added. 4- The dmd2 file I customized should be import-export. 5- Adding wifi and usb connection to obd2 connection. Of course I use it for my car. should not only appeal to motorcyclists. because dmd2 is way ahead of many car apps.

I just bought a nice toy which is an OBD2 emulator that I can have on my desk. This will allow me to develop OBD related features without actually having to have a car or motorcycle near my desk.

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