João Pereira

Beta 2.99938 crash everytime I click the finish route. Navigation route line is on top of street names. Can you set default thickness same as the street?

You cannot draw anything bellow a map source element. So yeah, lines will be on top of names. It will require a MAJOR redo of the engine.

Hello John I am sorry.This time you missed your shot. The tracks are still not wide enough . Its a tiny bit better but not really visible on route. The version in 299936 was good. Like mp said dmd2 crashes if you finish dmd2 navigation. I cant find the control to manipulate the look of the route generated by dmd2 . I appreciate your work. I leave for my tour on sunday and would like to use dmd2 Best regards

Fixed and all your wishes are now been listened to and added to the app.


Beta 2.99939:
– Removed a debug flag (yes an actual flag showing on the map) in the Routing progress
– Fixed a crash when finishing a navigation
New Routing map UI settings in Map Layers manager (line width and transparency, direction arrows size, waypoints icon size)
– Updated translations (added initial French translation)

Oh yeah… two updates in the same day!

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