João Pereira

Beta 2.99937:
– Minor map theme changes
– Address Search – changed “Close” to “Back”
– Map Options – Navigation – New option to show or hide waypoints icons on map for calculated routes
– Corrected a bug with the voice instruction for the word “meters” -> possible pending translations
– For UK the units conversion are now “Miles and Yards” for the US and other it is “Miles and Feet”
– Changed in the calculated route line: thinner line, smaller waypoints, by default waypoints show only at 100m zoom and lower
– Hospital and Peaks only show on higher zoom levels like others
– Added oneway logic to offroad profiles
– Attempt at removing “private” roads/paths from routing
– Offroad routing better scalling of uphill and downhill scalling through easy/medium/hard profile
– Fixed a bug with Address Search windows minimize/maximize function
– Added GPX Elevation value check for bad GPX files which would cause a crash
– Other small changes and fixes

DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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