Ok this one completely messed my head!

But after watching your video I just found out what was the problem.

Basically you have a DMD-T devices, and you are using an SD Card right?

This means that when you delete app storage, the map files, POI database and calculation files are all on the SD Card and will not be deleted.

Still when you delete a map file and download again it should download the files again right? Well no, we have this condition that checks for the date of calculation file and if they are not older than 2 days they will not download.
Did this because many countries share the same calculation files and there was no point in redownloading the same files over and over again for different countries.

I just changed the code of the app to, instead of 2 days, use 3 minutes.

Also notice all this will stop happening once we get rid of the Android Download manager, currently we use it and it just is not good enough for big files, it does not report failed downloads and does not clean up on failure.
We are doing our own download manager that can download in the background, check for file integrity and resume downloads.

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