Tim De Cubber

Is there an easy/quick way to reset the partial distance in the roadbook session? (single tapping the screen)
I only have button control on one of my bikes, and don’t have buttons yet on the other bike.

Driving a roadbook without button-controls makes it difficult te reset the partial distance. Now I have to tap the counter, and then tap reset.  It would be easier if you tap the counter to reset is and use the longpress to adjust (instead what currently is choosing which counter to display)
You could than easily add that choice for which items/counters to display in the settings of the roadbook session. Since this is not an option I think you need to change during driving.

It also would be handy if the “scroll paper down one click on partial reset” would also work when resetting the partial on screen, and not only when using the buttons.

Husqvarna 701
Carpe Iter V4
Terrain Command 2