Hi BlackTiger,

Thanks for your comments. I like that the tablet is bigger then my TFT, just my personal preference. The image seen is from the Brodit holder (swivel ball) mount to the 22mm Cosmo bar mount. The Brodit fits an AMPS holes. In between the Brodit mount and the Cosmo 22mm bar mount, I have some spring washers to put more tension on the screws with lock nuts at the end. The Brodit mount is positioned against the screen on the top so there is very little vibration of the tablet,

Image from behind the tablet mount to the Cosmo bar mount




Cosmo Mount: https://www.cosmo-accessories.com/brands-2/triumph/tiger-1200-2022/gps-holder-tiger-1200-gt-gt-pro-gt-explorer-rally-pro-rally-explorer-2022-detail

22mm 22mm GPS Navigator GPS Bracket Mount Fit For Triumph: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/363851674294