I rode with the DMD2 partially set up on my 990R today. Just road riding to shoot some photos for the Hondo Garage Tablet Clamp I’m using.

DMD2 App Running on SamSung Tab A7-Lite, Mounted in Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze Tablet Clamp

The app worked fine. I have. a dongle on order and I’ll us the adapter cable from my TuneECU cable. I added a couple more buttons to the Home Screen, one for my garage opener app and the other is the GoPro Control app. That one I’ve been struggling with so it may go away.

No Tablet, just the Mount

While I was using the map plug-in thingy a message popped up I needed to add that /purchase, but with no wifi that wasn’t going to happen. The map is very nice, though doesn’t show a four or more year old road I was on, but neither did the Tesla a year ago.

I’m still on the fence if I’ll get a Carpe Inter controller. I like them, just not sure how much it would get used. The tablet is plenty happy with my glove.