Beta Version 2.99921 / 2.99922 / 2.99923:
– New Offroad specific profiles with Easy (for big bikes), Medium (for experienced riders) and Hard (for small enduro bikes).
Off Road profiles try to take you offroad as much as possible, DONT USE TO NAVIGATE in cities. Difficulty profiles are based on: Ground Type / Track Grade / Uphills / Downhills –All profiles (Road Fast and Road Fun) can take to and off any offroad track, but they will always calculate to NOT include offroad, the offroad this profiles do are just in case destination or your initial position is offroad
-Road Fun profile is optimised for sightseeing, riding around 50-60Km/h on tertiary roads
– Map Layers – Labels Settings – You can now reduce the size even more
– Track Tap, greatly improved calculations
– Track Tap, distance between two points – improved UI and Calculations
– Real Time track progress calculation are god like now… (hopefully)
– Fixed a bug on DMD-T devices where app would restart after device start (when set to default home) – if it still happens you might need to clear App Data (sorry)
– Track Progress / Nav Progress – improved condition to when to show each – NOT FINISHED yet – will be finished on next stage when we release the final Route Calculator version (with better calculations and multiple point calculation among other goodies)
– Fixed a bug on Waypoint Tap where the correct waypoint was not selected on the list when some waypoint where set to hidden (also fixes a possible crash)
– Just like previous line, same for Auto Track POI tap
– New detection algorithms for Fuk***up situations where tracks start and end on the same spot, or even worse tracks have long sections that go through exact same place, or track cross paths… (implemented on GPX, will soon be implemented on calculated routes)
– Fixed a bug where on some views you could click on views that were behind (example Home apps icons)
– Fixed a case on OBDView where it would crash if user inputs a non Integer Fuel mileage value
– New Initial Online Address Search feature

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