I have installed the beta version on the Carpe Iter to be able to test it better. My question: how can I mark or save a point on the map (previously: places)? I have used this function a lot so far. Greetings Jörg

Not yet implemented… will come later, sorry.

I noticed it, too. Since beta doesn’t support gpx tracking, I imagine that saving a waypoint also is not possible.

Yes, GPX Record and Location save is not yet implemented.

Let’s hope so together. Otherwise, the beta already works quite well, so I have taken the step of using the beta for the Ci Pad. I would just like to have a charging current display in the status bar. The fact that voltage is present says nothing about charging.

Added this to requests, this is something I actually want for myself too so 😀

Hello John Would IT bei possible to Store the result of a Poi Search for a given Tour (gpx file).So there is Not a Long delay when You wake Up the device. I have Planner a Tour for 5000 km and this Takes time to search because there are about 6 Maps involved

Thats actually a good idea!!! I was actually thinking about stuff like that during the weekend.
Another cool thing we could probably have is do a map sweep and index in a SQL database all the “Places”, not the stuff in the POI file but rather the map source Labels which will contain streets and numbers for address search.
I tried doing an address search but its IMPOSSIBLE to do a search on the map labels, I tried a street which is 35Km away from me and it was going to take almost one hour, the data in the map source is just not designed for that.
My idea is:
For POI we already have the POI file, this allows us to search for places by name, like GAS Station, Restaurant, etc – This one is SQL Database
For Address search, we could maybe allow the app to run a background thread that would be indexing the map labels (streets and numbers and their coordinates)
But because the Address search is never going to be perfect im thinking of adding the Google Places API, nothing beats searching for something with the Google API.
So if the user is Online we use the Google API, if the user is offline we use POI + Indexed map labels.

In the direction of what you are asking for, additional to this I was also thinking about how to speed up some processes, one way is exactly like what you want, create database cache for operations like searching POI and other costly operation that we do for real-time statistics.

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