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DMD2 2.99920 I am not sure if this is a “bug” or a “design feature”. . . . If I select a destination point on the map, and use the DMD2 in-built navigation function, it will plot a “public road” route and provide “turn by turn” direction. However, If I deviate off this plotted route for some reason (e.g. road works / crash / traffic, etc) DMD2 continues to update and show my exact position on the map, but does not re-calculate a route to my destination, or even show how I get from my current position back to my original route. As a “work around”, I can “Finish” option and close the original route, and then manually create a new route from my current position to my original destination, but this is rather difficult at 100 kph. Shouldn’t DMD2 automatically do this “re-calculation” for me ? Is there a menu option / method to force DMD2 Navigation to re-calculate a route when my current position is some distance off the original planned route ??

Fixed for 2.99921

Tested 2.99921 still the Same Bugs. The navigate Box remains after clicking Finish. The Calculation in my Carpe Iter for a 350 km track with 3 pois clicked needs about 10 minutes

Fixed for 2.99921

Guys please notice that while Beta should be stable and very “near ready” all the features that we are currently working on like “POIs / Navigation / Real-Time progress” are the ones in active development so those can be expected to have bugs while we move the code forward and its still in a state of “unfinished”.

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