João Pereira

Found something strange today. some time ago i had started a download of the Alps map, but it never completed. Then in the beta it showed as normal undownloaded (down arrow could icon), so i had forgotten that I started the download. Today suddenly I see notifications from ‘Download Manager’ that it was (again) downloading ‘DMD – Alps’ (or some such), even in the app there was no indication of this. Killing that just brought it back. I then forced stop and ‘clear data’ for the App, but that download *still* re-appeared after a while I had to go into the Settings/Apps., sort/enable system apps to be shown, select Downloads manager and then clear its cache Who knows how many mega/gigabytes it used up trying to download that map in the background

Yes unfortunately the Android download manager is not up to the task.
We been using the device download manager (its not actually DMD2 that downloads anything) but the system is proving to be very unreliable so we will make our own download manager from scratch to solve this and other issues that user been having.

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