João Pereira

Hello John would IT bei possible to Position the track behind the map so IT IS still possible to See the Route carcteristics

I have something planned for that…

Hello John Was Out Testing dmd2 2.99920 Sorry to say New Poi following track of 350 km Takes about 20 minutes to load on my Carpe Iter 4b. Way toooooo Long. New Bug when doing dmd2 navigate using dmd2 and do a Finish underway the left Side Box stays and does Not Go away.. 299919 was better. Sorry

On my way slower device with 4 POI types enabled, and with a 2000Km file I took 20 seconds.
Obviously the bigger the map source the bigger the database for POI are… And the more maps you have downloaded the more chances there is the app will query more databases, but 20 minutes is not expected… the maximum should be around 1 minute…

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