João Pereira

Beta 2.99914:
– Finished 7 Button Controller Scheme
– Map Settings: New settings to enable or disable the Navigation dialog to select DMD2 or external app (if disabled it defaults to DMD2 always)
– GPX Auto Load POI: You can now click on the auto loaded POIs in the map to call the POI dialog which will list all the POIs that were loaded for that GPX
– Germany Map is now split into Germany-North and Germany-South
– For controllers with more than 5 buttons we removed one extra click to switch between panel widgets in the Home view
– Fixed a bug that would crash the app when you opened the POI Manager by clicking the POI button and then used the controller to browser it
– Fixed a bug where the TOPO map was missing roads of type “Service”

DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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