João Pereira

I tested the gpx conversion. IT works but without a possibility to correct the result there IS Not so much use. The Route drives circles and squares and rectangles and drives Back and forth. This was based on a 365 km perfectly to a map Adapter track which Always Drive in the correct direction of roundabouts and so on .Calculation was based on Mixed and avoid tolls and highways.it used highways anyway.

Can you share that GPX file with me? Send it to info@drivemodedashboard.com


Unfortunately with 29912 & 29913 the failure to successfully download German Map persists I need to leave Beta Testing then.. 🙁

I tested it on 6 different devices, no issue.
And by the way, on non Beta its the exact same map file.
Are you on a good data connection and are you sure your device has enough storage space?

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