João Pereira

I updated the beta version. I don’t know how to show the button for the POI. I was able to remotely display POIs with the ARN controller video, but I can’t use it with the barbutton. https://www.facebook.com/groups/drivemodeusers/permalink/1651434015358063/ What kind of button action do you want? barbutton, map mode Hold button 1 = aerial photo Long press button 2 = screen lock Long press Button 3 = Change screen mode ◁▷ Long press button 4 = ? ? ? and If you directly operate the screen and press POI, the window will appear and if you press the left button first, DMD2 will terminate abnormally. Samsung タブ Active3 Android 13 DMD 2.99912 JAXA barbuttons

The crash after manually opening was indeed a bug and is fixed for next update.
For the controller you might need a Firmware update, please contact the developer.

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