João Pereira

yes. in the current beta version Up under left right input input long press Button A button B i know i have a quota If you want to change the physical button layout of the remote buttons. for example If you ride standing up, I want to place the map feed button in a position that is easy to press with my thumb. My guess is that carpter will part ways and their Bluetooth remotes will receive DMD certification. However, among them, I expect that there are actually easy-to-use button layouts and difficult-to-use button layouts. You can assign the KEY setting of PISTE ROADBOOK to any place you like. This is a very useful feature. Try it yourself. I believe that it can be implemented by breaking up with carpter. Roadbook settings only or I think you can also assign keys in the DMD settings. This implementation will make it easier for remote control manufacturers to obtain DMD certification.

Just like in the Roadbook settings there will be settings in all views that will allow you to setup what each button does, that will allow you to achiever that.
Anything above that is just adding complexity for the user.
So either the developer is willing to work with us or he isn’t and we will NOT recommend their controllers.

At the end of the day this needs to be easy for the user, my past experience tells me that, any option that can break anything will be used by user to break it and then ask support, so I need to be careful with options.

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