João Pereira

Could it be that DMD draws quite some power in Map VIEW with a GPX track displayed? I noticed a strange behavior today which I did not observe when using the standard DMD version before. Before I used DMD as Launcher and the TomTom App for navigation – in this combination my Samsung would stay at 100% charge when using the SP wireless charger (wasn’t a problem over the whole last season). Today I sued DMD Beta Map mode navigating a GPX track and after about 6 hours the Samsung battery was empty even though the same charger was charging – I will check for other potential reasons but since I did not change anything on the hardware setup, I wonder if DMD beta just draws that much energy that the charger is not good enough…

There are some real-time statistics being done in the background (for the track progress box) that will consume more power, yet, from the measures I did its not that high comparing to Google Maps for example. Unfortunately I cannot develop the app taking in consideration things like power use, its supposed to be an app for devices always powered, otherwise we will have to limit the app A LOT in regards to performance and features.

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