João Pereira

Same problem here. DMD2 (2.99904) worked fine when I was setting up my OBD2 dongle connection this afternoon. Now, some 3 hours later, it crashed within 10 seconds of opening.

Same to me: DMD2 Beta on a Carpe Iter crashed constantly. Went back to production version…

Me too on my Lenovo M7 Tab. yesterday evening was OK, This morning once you click the icon it crash…. Whats happend? Christian I try also with my phone and got the same problem, deleting casch data or reinstall the beta app from zero is not a solution, same error!

yep…same thing…on mobile Samsung Note20 Ultra & on Carpe Iter…just crashes when try to open…yesterday working fine when navigating thru town…

There was a map size returning “null” from the server and causing a crash when DMD2 started (because DMD2 checks for map updates on start).
This is now fixed on server side and corrected the code in DMD2 so that it does not happen again! Really sorry for this.

Beta 2.99905:
– Fixed a bug for devices who support removable SD Card write (DMD-T865 and DMD-T665) where files over 2.15Gb were not being correctly stored in the card
– DMD2 will now support any controller – requires correct implementation – more info soon
– Many topo map style improvements (check map legend)
– Topo map “tracks” will now display its name if available
– Many map render improvements
– Satellite map tile will now only show actual image and not roads and other legends (reducing data requests)
– Increased the pop-up notifications size
– Track Progress box will now NOT show the track name in the top (more UI improvements coming soon)
– Fixed a case where the server API for the map data could return null and crash DMD
– Fixed several cases where the user could recast dialogs before cleaning the previous and causing a crash in the process

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