João Pereira

Hi, Could someone tell me what are the rules about the “next WP” feature. I rode with gpx I received from friends, with track and WP and I love this functionality. Today I made some test, a basic track from my home (1km) and a wp in the middle. This wp was not shown as next “WP” (setting are ok) Was it too close to me, too close to the start or the end, do I miss something ? Last point I wanted to test, will a WP distance be shown if the wp is present but nos displayed ? Thanks

A GPX File is usually compromised of:

– Tracks or Routes or both
– Waypoints

The way DMD2 shows you the track progress (the box in the left) is by checking if you are actually on the track, once you are it shows you progress, distance and time based on your average speed.
Then on the bottom it shows you the next Waypoint for that GPX (the currently active GPX that you are on).
You can load additional POIs by going to GPX – SETTINGS – Additional POI, this will make DMD2 load the selected POIs categories along the track.

Everything is calculated ALONG THE TRACK.

And yes, a Waypoint must be inside the same GPX which DMD2 will target the active one once you are on top of any of its tracks.

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