Hello, when you get away from the calculated route the app will re-calculate, BUT, in case you are off-road or on a place where there cannot be a calculation to it will fail. The rules are, if you are doing any off-road, select the “MIXED” profile, which can indeed route to any offroad track on map, the issue here is that there is a bug which will be fixed today, where the mixed profile re-calculation is indeed broken! To be honest, I can already allow you to do a one click convert GPX to Navigation, and the calculator will take all the GPX points and make a calculated route with it. I just want to test it a bit more. For off-road I have been working on something that I really want, which is not a pre-calculation but instead its more of a real time “look-ahead-analyser” which will look at the track points ahead of you and return user readable information, like “In 500m easy right”. Im more interested in being able to return user readable information which is usually not returned on regular nav planners, take for example an “S” shaped section, I want it to return exactly that “S section in 200m” or when you have an easy left and then a sharp right I want a red warning “Caution Easy Left to Sharp Right” obviously with icons that allow a quick glance and understand what it is, plus I want the analyser to take in consideration ground type and elevation to also return stuff like “Big Descend” or “Big Climb” or even “Hard Terrain / Possible Sand”, stuff like that.

I can’t wait until it will actually ride the bike for me too! [JK], I am already in awe of what DMD2 does, let alone what’s planned! Just hope i’m able to incorporate all this into my PR7 dash if it is ever built/delivered! Thank you John!!

Heureka John You understood my hidden wishes

I am now 67 years old.I waited for this since I saw the very first GPS device for Motorbikes from Garmin

Great work