João Pereira

Hi, old DMD2 user I wanted to try the new version. Unfortunately I don’t have any navigation icon (Just OBD, apps, settings, exit and roadbook). I installed this version on a Galaxy Tab3 with landscape format. Did I miss something?

You mean there is no Map icon in the bottom menu? Just go to settings and click in “Edit Bottom Menu”, there you can sort and show/hide any bottom menu entry.

I have an AJP PR7 with the OEM Samsung tablet that comes with a fully licensed version of DMD2. After I installed the Beta, I lost the license. I’m not sure what mechanism was used on the OEM AJP tablet to recognize the license (I was always able to update the app directly from the app-store). Is there a way for me to reactivate that and gain full functionality to the beta? At this point, I’m also not confident simply reinstall the non-beta version would get my license back. Thanks

Same thing for me, I reinstalled non beta and that worked but then returned to beta again and the same thing… annoying 🙂 have tried several times and had to download maps each time, I’m sure a fix is on the way. Dan

We were holding back DMD2 until we were sure it was stable for manufacturer versions. I will try to add AJP support this week.

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