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Hi! will there be “odb sensors” screen back? I miss nice big tachometer bar 🙂

But there is an OBD view. Not sure I understand what you are talking about.

Nice the new version…. Tomorrow I will try… I have 1 question and 1 issue. Is it possible to load a gpx and get turn by turn indication? The issue is about the road calculation. Is fast and it calcolate a good tout by some Times it takes secondary road to save couple of meters and don’t use the main road. There is no importance classification of the different road? Thanks for the nice job Christian

Navigation when loading a GPX with tracks or GPX with Routes? For Routes there will be route calculation for sure. For GPX with tracks we plan to add a sort of indications but nothing like a regular navigation, I want something more Off-Road and Adventure specific.

As for the calculations profiles they are EXTREMELY flexible. And they are a work in progress that I will keep on improving. I will also add more fine-tuning options for the calculation.


Hello John great Work to have navigation INSIDE, especially when Offroad IS working. Two questions 1 how ist possible to Stop navigation and abandon the aktual Route 2 do You Plan to integrated intermediate waypoints and a possibility to Put them Info an specified Order 3 will IT bei possible to replan on the Screen by moving the planned Route

To stop current navigation click on the “OPTIONS” button in the navigation information panel in the left of your screen.
We plan to allow you to add as many points as you want + loop back options.

Hello John Yesterday Had my First short Tripp with dmd2.Everything worked great. I have one Point. At the Moment IT IS Not possible to reset values in the boxes on the map Page, You have to use the widget on the Homepage for that. Would IT bei possible to integrated that on all Pages where the dayly Journey values are visible. Would IT also bei possible to start the Journey manualy

Yes I agree this needs improvement. I will add this plus the old options for automatic trip reset.

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