João Pereira

Test on the last Beta version are running every day. I notice that if you have ODB connected if you are following a track you will get under the progress bar the estimate left time to the last point. This is very good, but I notice that not always this value came up. If ODB is not connect there is no time If is connected some time you have to move between MAPS, Home and ODB in order to get the value… Probabily there are some condition that make the value visible or not…. do you have the same issue? Thanks Christian

The only requisite for the time value to show is that you have a valid AVERAGE speed in your trip information since that is the value used to do that calculation.


Beta 2.993:
– Initial Route Calculation / Navigation features (Road only for now)
– Improved map download with route calculation necessary files
– Fixed a bug in the roadbook session save where the last locations was not being correctly saved

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