Holly crap! That is a lot of valid points, will start writing them down as I reckon there are very good suggestions here! Quick question, are you testing it on a tablet or phone?


Thank you for considering my suggestions.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 20+ (6.8″ display) and a Sony Xperia 1 IV for testing.

Some more suggestions:
– If you think the widget titles are necessary, you can make them appear on top of the widget for a couple of seconds when you switch pages and then disappear again.
– If you make a drop down menu on the DMD logo, you could add the “Power button” there, and make it possible to hide it from the bottom menu. Then, if you don’t use DMD as the default launcher you don’t accidentally quit DMD. Especially when using the Carpe controller
– The suggested drop down menu could be mapped to press and hold on one of the Carpe controller buttons. (I haven’t test the Carpe controller, so I don’t know if this sugestion makes sense).
– Navigation widget that shows what turn to take next and the distance to said turn. Like the ones that show up in OsmAnd and Google Maps. This way, you can navigate by these only, or have the map on one side and the arrows on the other.

Best regards