Which controller do you recommend for a Garmin Tread + DMD2 ? Adventure Control or Terrain Command Gen2? I’ll frequently use it offroad and with the roadbook app. Is a new generation coming up soon? Regarding OBD2 dongles, what’s is the best choice for a 2023 Husqvarna 701/TREAD/DM2/OBD2 license? OBDlink LX 427201? Would that OBD dongle also work in a BMW GS1200 LC 2016? Thanks!

I like the Adventure Controller the most at the moment. For the Husky def. get the OBDLink LX is what we use to develop and test.
As for the GS I dont think back in 2016 they were OBD2, it will not work unfortunaly.


Thanks John. I’m used to Garmin devices and overall I like them. I understand that a lot of things have changed with Tread devices (no Basecamp kind of worries me), but I hope that these changes are for the better. I only have one Android device that I barely use (obd) so I don’t have many Android apps that I can benefit from. But using a roadbook app in a Garmin device, for instance, has (sometimes) advantages over a physical roadbook holder while maintaining Garmin navigation features. I assume that I will be able to install some apps even without Google Play so I can give Carpe controls/switches and DMD2 app a broader use. Is this correct? I think that Garmin + DMD2 + OBD and Carpe Controller can really work for me. I don’t want to be wrong because Tread devices are not cheap. Thanks again!

What people usually do is just install a Google Play Store alternative like F-Droid… and then you will have a store to install apps and keep them updated. I know some apps do require google play services (those will not work) but many do not and those will work just fine.

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