Hi John

First of all – the new design and functionality in the beta are great! This app is awesome!

Unfortunately I haven’t tried the beta on the road yet, I would humbly like to propose a couple of feature and design suggestions.

For the record, I’m on version 2.97

System widgets:
– Move the edit/change widget button from the home screen to the home screen settings. This will make it look more OEM/integrated.
– Make it possible to rename the title from “EXTERNAL WIDGET” to what the user wants or just remove the titles all together (this will help with reclaim vertical space, as I go into further down).
– Make second version of the “System Widget” widget where you can have widgets in a grid, like the “Apps” widget. This will be great with Home Assistant widgets (for opening garage doors etc.).

OBD Speed:
– Add an ODB Speed widget, just like the GPS Speed widget. (I live in Norway, and we have lots of tunnels)

Clock widget:
– The clock moves horizontally based on the numbers it displays. Would be nice if the location was stationary.

Overall design:
– Try to reclaim some vertical space to use for the outer widgets (left and right one). This will be very helpful for the map/nav when you use the device in landscape. The new design looks great!
Some ideas to accomplish this:
1. Remove the dots that indicate which of the pages you are on. Are they really needed? The arrows on the top are greyed out when you reach the end anyway. There are only three pages, so you would now where you are based on which arrows are highlighted. Or if they are needed, make them appear on top of the widget at the bottom.
2. Reduce padding.
3. Maybe centralise the top status bar. By removing the date and time (it’s hard to read unless you have a really large display, and you can have it as an widget anyway), removing the text from the battery indicator and make it colour coded, or removing it completely, then move the remaining items in towards the centre and make the outer widget tiles stretch all the way to the top.
4. Remove the status texts from the icons in the status bar (same reason as above, hard to read)
5. Remove the black background from the titles, so you don’t need as much vertical padding.
If you think the suggestions regarding the top status bar are too drastic, maybe make two or three versions of it, so the user can change between a compact and narrow one, a wide and verbose one or just the DMD logo in the middle. I think a lot of riders have their device plugged in a charger most of the time, so they are not too worried about the battery level.
Nitpicking points:
– Use the same design and icon on all the settings gears on the different menus and pages. And maybe a standard location and size if possible. Or just tap and hold if that’s not too hard unintuitive for people. Would be cool if the DMD logo opened a drop down menu, where you could select settings for the screen you are on as well as global settings (this way you could add the option to remove global settings from the Bottom Menu).
– Overall less shading or preferably none at all. This will reclaim more area and look better I think. The Map screen looks the best i think.
– Generally try to be consistent with the design, sizing, naming and font use of all sub menus and buttons. Like Exit vs Back vs Cancel vs Close. (To me “Exit” is associated with the exiting of an entire app).

I really appreciate the effort you put in to this. I know it’s kind of a niche market and I wish you all the best!

Let me know if I can help!

Best regards

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by jesper.