mp_ wrote:

I’ve tested every POI and I found that the ones that are slow are: restaurant, coffees pubs & bar = 45sec shop & market = 1.49min comparing to your video demonstration of the POIs, mine way to slow. xiaomi redmi note 10s dmd v.2.96

First thing I would say is do you have a valid location loc when you start searching? I think im changing the code because when you do not it does a full search (full country), and that is indeed probably too much. How many maps have you guys downloaded?

I’ve downloaded 4 maps but only one is loaded. What do you mean by a valid location, if you mean that the gps is on the right location then yes. When the POIs search is finish I can see that the stores are in the right distance from my point on the map.

HelloJohn, Yes I had a valid Location lock. Wouldnt IT be an Idea to have the possibility to search lets say 10 or 20 km around my Location or alternatinely following my track.

For next update the speed for search should at least 3x faster, please wait for next version to test!

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