João Pereira

Hi, I’m considering a Garmin Tread 8″ (Overland / SxS) to use it often with the DMD2 (roadbook, …) and OBD apps (701 Enduro 2023 ) . Does anyone have experience with Tread 8″ and DMD2/OBD? Do these apps work correctly in this device? Is the Tread 8″ worth the investment? Sorry I’ve not been able to find info in the forum. Any link or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

DMD2 is tested and works with the Tread, everything works, the controller works, OBD2 dongles like the OBLink LX work, all good.

The only thing you need to consider is in the case you want to install other apps, remember that the Tread does not have Google Play Store, so a lot of apps wont work, you wont be able to buy them and anything that requires google play services will not work.

As for hardware the Tread is indeed a very well built piece of hardware with extremely fast specs.

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