I want report another ODBLink LX / DMD2 connection stuck issue.

Beta 2.95 + ODBlink LX + Yamaha Tracer 9 GT + Samsung Active 3 + DMD2 default launcher.

OBDlink LX can be in sleep or wake mode.
The motorcycle is turned off.
Samsung is put into standby mode / screen off.

Start motorcycle and Samsung.
The DMD2 bluetooth icon remains red and values are stuck (see photo below).
Samsung own settings shows that ODBLink is paired.
DMD2 and ODBLink BT do not connect.
Re-pairing ODBlink/Samsung does not solve connection problem.
Only Samsung reboot will connect ODBlink and DMD2.

The same happens if DMD2 is not the default launcher. Then BT reconnection can be done by restart the DMD2 application.

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  • This reply was modified 3 weeks ago by Ejj75.