João Pereira

I found 2 Bugs in 2.92 on Carpe Iter In Poi search each result IS Displays 3 fold. When i Look for Gas Poi I get 3 Times Shell 3 Times elf and so on. The music Player steering Icon does not work at all. The controls do not react. I get still 2.92 on Google

Today I sorted duplicated on 3 cats (Motorcycle Repair, Wc & Water, Gas Station), please report other where you have this behaviour.
What music player are you using? Whats your Android version?

I also noticed a double listing of fuel stations in the poi search. ( Looks like it’s solved in v2.93) In the poi icon highlight screen, I missing the fuel station poi, is it possible to add. Dmd 2.92 Greetings Richard

I dont understand what you mean with this: “I missing the fuel station poi”

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