João Pereira

I have installed Widgets with an earlier DMD2 beta version. I updated DMD2 to version 2.89. Already installed Widgets work well. If I try to change Widgets, DMD2 shuts down when the widget selection should open.

Finally I completely reinstalled the 2.89 beta version, after this I can’t install any widgets.
Earlier installed widget

Already fixed for next update.

I’m running the beta. It is beautiful! Great work. I use it in portrait. The main dashboard keeps the three vertical columns. This makes it impossible to use – especially the maps column. Would you consider changing this to rows? One block sat on top of the next. It looks like the layout of each module would still work. Also, in settings, you can lock the orientation. The only options are landscape and landscape reversed. Would it be possible to add portrait? Thanks a million. It is a great evolution!

There is no portrait layouts yet… will come later.
As a matter of fact there is no phone layouts either… on phones the app looks like crap to be hones, just you wait for the phone specific layouts.

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